Tuesday, April 20, 2010

she didnt want me to read to her she wanted to do it her self, it was cute,

i was sitting on the couch and she was playing with the pots and pan and all of a son she ran out of the kitchen with this on her face,

heres another way she rides on her four wheeler, she just reaches back and pushes the button and rides around,

this is just one of the crazy things evi does with her four wheeler, shell push the button and ride around the house,

it was right after i put her hair up,you can see her front teeth, she has 12 teeth now. she has 3 coming in at the same time. its been a long 3 days,

i found this cat in our shed, so i took care of it for a couple of days, but i had to get rid of it cuz of our land lord guy. but this is what evi and the cat did all day, the cat would run and in to a room and evi would run after it and then evi would run out and the cat would chase her, it was really funny, she loved it,

she did that for hours, she would lay there for a few mins then she would put her head up and laugh and laugh then do it again.